Python scripting is supported only in Metashape Professional edition.

Metashape Professional uses Python 3.8.

Metashape functionality available via Python

  • Open/save/create Metashape projects.
  • Add/remove chunks, cameras, markers.
  • Add/modify camera calibrations, ground control data, assign geographic projections and coor- dinates.
  • Performprocessingsteps(alignphotos,builddensecloud,buildmesh,texture,decimatemodel, etc…).
  • Export processing results (models, textures, orthophotos, DEMs).
  • Access data of generated models, point clouds, images.
  • Start and control network processing tasks.

Overview of Metashape module in Python

Documentation for Metashape_python_api_1.7.3 .

import Metashape as ms # select custom shortcut for the imported module

Global application attributes<attribute>

Metashape.Application class provides access to global attributes:

document main application document object [document]
enumGPUDevices enumerate installed GPU devices [array]
gpu_mask GPU device bit mask [int] 1 - use device, 0 - do not use
cpu_enable use cpu when GPU is active [bool]
False - Disable CPU for GPU accelerated tasks
True - Enable CPU for GPU accelerated processing